LMS Band Awards


Outstanding 6th Grade Flute — Maria Ramirez

maria ramirez.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Flute — Kariali Martinez

kariali martinez.jpg


Outstanding 6th Grade Clarinet — Sixto Garza

sixto garza.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Clarinet — Ismael Moreno

ismael moreno.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Saxophone — Michael Villarreal

michael villarreal.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Saxophone — Mikayla Chavarria

mikayla chavarria.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Low Reed — Benjamin Sewell

benjamin sewell.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Low Reed — Leonel Abrego

leonel abrego.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Trumpet — Andrea Aguirre

andrea aguirre.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Trumpet — Jake Hernandez

jake hernandez.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade French Horn — Jacob Hendricks

jacob hendricks.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade French Horn — Maria Garcia

maria garcia.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Trombone — Jonathan Lopez

jonathan lopez.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Trombone — Rickey Moore

rickey moore.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Baritone — Layla Guajardo

layla guajardo.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Baritone — Ella Wetegrove

ella wetegrove.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Tuba — Marco Mendez

marco mendez.jpeg


Outstanding 6th Grade Tuba — Marely Quiroz

marely quiroz.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Percussion — Emily Salinas

emily salinas.JPG


Outstanding 6th Grade Percussion — Chelsey Ramirez

chelsey ramirez.jpeg


Outstanding 7th Grade Woodwind — Casey Hendricks

casey hendricks.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Woodwind — Kevin Guzman

kevin guzman.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Woodwind — Zoey Martinez

zoey martinez.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Brass — Ricardo Muniz

ricardo muniz.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Brass — Conrad Delgado

conrad delgado.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Brass — Christian Rodriguez

christian rdz.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Brass — Emma Escobar

emma escobar.JPG


Outstanding 7th Grade Percussion — Heather May

heather may.jpeg


7th Grade Band Most Improved — Achilles Murad

achilles murad.JPG


7th Grade Band Most Improved — Miguel Ruiz

miguel ruiz.JPG


7th Grade Band Most Improved — Morgan Beach

morgan beach.JPG


7th Grade Director’s Choice Award — Shantell Puente

shantell puente.JPG


8th Grade Band Outstanding Woodwind — Anaid Pena

anaid pena.JPG


Outstanding 8th Grade Woodwind — Paola Salinas

paola salinas.JPG


Outstanding 8th Grade Brass — Destiny Trevino

destiny trevino.JPG


Outstanding 8th Grade Brass — Carolina Pardo

carolina pardo.JPG


Outstanding 8th Grade Percussion — Chariz Vazquez

chariz vazquez.JPG


8th Grade Band Most Improved — Mia Aguirre

mia aguirre.JPG


8th Grade Director’s Choice Award — Genisis de la Cruz

genisis delacruz.JPG


LHS Band Awards

Outstanding Freshman — Emily Soto

emily soto.JPG


Outstanding Freshman — Keyla Cepeda

keyla cepeda.JPG


Outstanding Sophomore — Randall Deleon

randall deleon.JPG


Outstanding Junior — Emmanuel Cepeda

emmanuel cepeda.JPG


Outstanding Junior — Harley Vasquez

harley vasquez.JPG


Outstanding Senior — Aiden Silva

aiden silva.JPG


Outstanding Senior — Amanda Rodriguez

amanda rodriguez.JPG


LHS Band Most Improved — Diego Delgado

diego delgado.JPG


LHS Band Most Improved — Daniela Macias

daniela macias.JPG


LHS Band Most Improved — Carly Ramos

carly ramos.JPG


LHS Band Most Improved — Kasey Morales

kacey morales.JPG


LHS Band Most Improved — Aaron Mendez

aaron mendez.JPG


LHS Band Merit Award — Natalia Guzman

natalia guzman.JPG


LHS Band Merit Award — Miguel Cazares

miguel cazares.JPG


LHS Band Leadership Award — Keila Cervantes

keila cervantes.JPG


LHS Band Director’s Choice Award — Keila Anzaldua

keila anzaldua.JPG


LHS Band Director’s Choice Award — Adam Vazquez

adam vazquez.JPG


LHS Band 2018-2019 Drum Majors — Libni Cervantes and Alicia Espinoza

drum majors.JPG






Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 10.56.00 AM.png



Congratulations to the LHS Band members who competed at the UIL Concert and Sight-reading Contest on February 2!  We had 3 students earn a Division 2 on their solos, and 30 students earn a Division 1.  Keila Anzaldua advanced to Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest on her French horn solo and will travel to Austin in May to compete.



Division I on solo performance:

Front row L to R:  Carly Ramos, trumpet; Kasey Morales, trombone; Viviana Tamez, flute; Brittney Moore, flute; Emily Soto, trumpet; Melinda Rodriguez, trumpet; Estrella Gauna-Cepeda, euphonium; Kayla Cervantes, French horn; Andrea Garza, bass clarinet

Second row L to R:  Sebastian Garza, snare; Aaron Mendez, tuba; Elijah Whitlock, flute; Daniela Macias, clarinet; Brian Gonzalez, alto saxophone; Keyla Cepeda, French horn; Vianca Flores, marimba; Mikaela Lopez, bass clarinet; Xenaida Perez, snare; Rene Paredez, tuba; Libni Cervantes, clarinet; Dustin Hernandez, alto saxophone; Keila Anzaldua, French horn (state qualifier)

Third row L to R:  Randall de Leon, snare; Joaquin de Leon, timpani; Lucero Tovar, marimba; Aurora Salinas, tenor saxophone; Austin Martinez, euphonium; Diego Delgado, clarinet; Harley Vasquez, bari saxophone; Adan Vazquez, drumset





Division 2 on solo performance:

Natalia Guzman, alto saxophone; Emmanuel Cepeda, alto saxophone; Alicia Espinoza, flute




Band Geeks

(Each week, our band officers select a male and female nominee for Band Geek (BG) of the week.  These students are recognized for their work ethic, their dedication, their attitude, and their helpfulness with others.)

Band Geeks of the Year


The 2018 Band Geeks of the Year were Luis Garcia and Katherine Loredo.  Luis is a 9th grader, 1st year marcher, and plays tuba.  Katherine is a 10th grader, in her 2nd year of marching band, and plays trumpet.

Week 8 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 8 BGs of the week were Shantell Puente and Rene Paredez.  Shantell is in 7th grade, plays french horn, and is in her 1st year of marching band.  Rene is a sophomore, plays the tuba, and this is his 4th year of marching with the band.

Week 7 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 7 BGs of the week are Natalie Guzman and Randy Deleon.  Natalie is a junior saxophone player and this is her 5th year marching with the band.  Randy is a sophomore, plays the snare in the drumline, and this is his 4th year with the marching band.

Week 6 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 6 BGs of the week are Alyna Garcia and Adam Vazquez.  Alyna is an 8th grade trumpet player, and this is her 2nd year in the marching band.  Adam is a junior, plays the tenors in the percussion section, and assists the band as a backfield conductor in this year’s show.  This is his 5th year in marching band.

Week 5 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 5 BGs of the Week were Daniela Macias and Diego Salazar.  Daniela is a 9th grader and plays the clarinet.  This is her 2nd year with the marching band.  Diego is a 9th grader, marches 4th bass drum, and this is his 3rd year with the marching band.

Week 4 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 4 BGs of the Week were Victoria Arguelles and Gavin Martinez.  Victoria is a 9th grader at LHS and plays the clarinet.  This is her 3rd year in the marching band.  Gavin is also a 9th grader, plays the trumpet, and is also an LHS football player.  This is his 2nd year in the marching band.

Week 3 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 3 BGs of the week were Estrella Gauna Cepeda and Austin Martinez.  Both Estrella and Austin play the baritone/euphonium.  Estrella is a sophomore and is in her 2nd year of being a member of the Lyford marching band, and Austin is a freshman and is in his 3rd year of marching with the Lyford band.

Week 1 Band Geeks of the Week


Our Week 1 BGs of the week were Kaley Nichols and Alexis Abrego.  Kaley is a junior and plays clarinet.  Alexis is a freshman and plays trumpet.  This is both Kaley’s and Alexis’ first year with the Lyford Marching Band.